• Annual toll, personal promotion; five insurance and one gold, 8 hours working system, weekend double break;

  • Provide 20 yuan / day lunch subsidy;

  • Available for holiday benefits, legal holidays 400 / day over the price;

  • Holidays, marriage leave, annual leave, funeral leave, etc.

  • Marriage, fertility, birthday gifts; dining subsidies, high temperature subsidies;

  • Performance bonus, quarter bonus, year-end award, patent award; secure fee

  • Excellent employee rewards and travel abroad;

  • A free medical examination once a year; a reimbursement of the relatives of returning every year;

  • Provide employee dorm (1/2), kitchen, independent guard, living room, etc., washing machine, induction cooker, microwave oven and other basic facilities)


The company has built more than 40 R & D teams, focusing on research and development and domesticization of autonomous materials, breaking foreign monopoly.

In Sunera, we has long attached great importance to the cultivation of the company's own talents. At the same time, it has been improved in the basic talent reserves, and has cultivated a professional quality and strong technical capabilities. Whether it is a core management team or a technical research and development team, in the same industry Have a high visibility. All the way, Sunera people are screwed into a rope, taking the sleeves together, forming the inexhaustible motivation of the company's innovative development.

JiangSu Wuxi,Xinwuqu,Xixian road ****29
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